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AirTran Discount Coupon

Airtran is a popular low cost airline in the United States. Currently headquartered in Florida, Airtran currently operates more than 600 flights in the United States, with major concentrations in the Midwestern and Eastern areas. The company's principal hubs are found in the Atlanta International Airport where it manages around 200 daily departures, General Mitchell International Airport in Wisconsin and in Orlando International Airport. The company has already won numerous awards for the last few years. It has been tagged as among the best value airlines with its Airtran discount coupon giveaways. Airtran has also been involved in a number of community service campaigns like Make A Wish Foundation and the Habitat for Humanity.

Airtran Discount Coupon 2011

Whether you are flying for leisure or business, Airtran provides awesome 'in flight' amenities and features such as reclining seats and spacious legroom, top shelf liquor and beverages, and fine dining. Get an Airtran discount coupon and enjoy awesome savings on your next airfare. Enjoy insanely cheap flights with the help of these coupon codes. For the year 2011, Airtran has also offered special Event Savers which helped consumers enjoy as much as ten percent discounts on their airfare tickets. Sign up for the airlines A+Rewards program to enjoy discounted airfares and promotional emails. Earn lots of Airtran rewards points and get a ticket discount on your next transaction. You can even earn a free ticket from earning these points.

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Coupon Codes

For the cheapest days to fly, make sure you check with our home page for updates. The lowest regular fares are usually available two weeks before the flying date. If you are unable to plan your trip ahead, you may still take advantage of any available last second flights.

For discounted airfares, make sure you sign up for the company's weekly newsletter to stay updated with the company's special offers and best deals. Coupon codes can be found in the company site itself or in other online sites as well. After entering your contact information details in the booking site, make sure you include your Airtran discount coupon code to take advantage of the savings. After you have completed your order, you should be able to view the discount that was credited to your ticket fare.


Enjoy Cancun vacation packages with the help of Airtran coupons. They also offer exclusive destination deals for your vacation and holiday travel in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Bermuda. Airtran U also offers discounted standby flights for individuals from 18 to 22 years old. The Airtran U Standby Program offers airline tickets under 100 dollars where you can fly standby to any of their domestic destinations. Airtran also offers one of the industry's cheapest business class accommodations today. During the company's periodic sales, make sure you book on the first day or the first few hours.

Coupon or Voucher?

Use your Airtran discount coupon in reserving a seat for your next flight. For your convenience, make sure you stay away from booking flights on Fridays and Sundays where tickets tend to sell out fast. For you to get the lowest possible fares, try to book seats on Mondays, Tuesdays or Saturdays. Earn free tickets while you are travelling all across the globe through the company's rewards program. Watch out for Airtran's coach sale fares and other special web discounts. Airtran discount fares are nonrefundable, non assignable, and non transferable so make sure that you fill in the right information. Vouchers and discount codes may require you to purchase in advance. Discounted fares are also subject to availability. Red eye flights usually have plenty of available seats because of their time inconveniences.