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Cancelled Flights

Cancelled Flights

This article is all about how to find out about cancelled flights and also what your legal rights and entitlements are when a flight is cancelled. This site provides independent information on how to get cheap flights on any airline using a variety of hidden and largely unknown tricks and tips. Click through to our home page for all of the best tricks for securing insanely cheap flights, or read on to find out about cancelled flights.

Cancelled Flights Today

If you're looking for information on cancelled flights the two most reliable sites to get this information from are the USA Today Flight Tracker and also

The Flight Tracker hosted on the USA Today site is powered by Flightstats and enables you to check for flight cancellations by flight number, destination or arrival location or even by airport. There is also an interactive map showing a color coded guide of which airports are experiencing delays. is pretty much the same thing as Flight Tracker. It has real-time information and can also give you information on future flights from anywhere in the states.

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240 Rule

Up until 1978 all airlines were government regulated and there existed a rule commonly known back then as Rule 240. Rule 240 stated that if the airline was at fault for any delay or cancelled flights that they were to place these passengers on the next available flight, be it on their airline or another carrier. In 1978 the airlines all were deregulated so Rule 240 no longer applies, even though some people still think it does.


Unfortunately for you, the average consumer, there are no legal requirements which state that an airline refund you or give you any compensation at all if a flight is cancelled. Having said that, buying an airline ticket is the same as any other purchase and is subject to all of the normal consumer protection laws. Consequently, all airlines have their own set of rules, usually entitled as the contract of carriage. These rules are usually available on the airline's website and also on some e-tickets. While i'm not going to advise to read through the small print, it is a good idea to have a copy of this document either, kept on you for reference or on your phone or portable electronic device.

American Airlines

American airlines state that they will make sure you get on the next available flight which have seats available. Just make sure to check that you're on the top of the standby flights list for the next flight. If American Airlines can't get you on a flight that day, they will provide you with a hotel. Just be wary that they there is a 'subject to availability' clause on the hotel which they may try to use to cover themselves for big cancellations.

Delta and US Airways

Delta and US Airways will try to get you on the next available flight, in the same class. If cheap seats are available and you booked a business seat, you'll get a small refund, and if coach is full they'll try to upgrade sky miles members to give you a seat. Both airlines will also give you food vouchers for delays over 4 hours and a hotel if you have to stay overnight.


Continental Airlines will get you on the next available flight. However, they go one step further than most as they'll even give you a free upgrade to business class if that is all that's available. Even better is that they'll fly you on another airline if they delay is more than 2 hours, however, you'll probably have to prompt them to do this. If the delay is longer than 4 hours during the night, for example on red eye flights, Continental will give you a hotel and meals.

United and Northwest

United Airlines and Northwest Airlines will try to get you on the next available flight. If you kick up a fuss they'll even put you on another carrier if the flight is closer. Both airlines will also provide lodging and meals for red eye flights passengers if the delay is during night time hours.