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What Is The Cheapest Day To Fly

While there is not one day within the 365 days of the year that is cheaper to fly on, the cheapest day to fly during the week is Wednesday. Flights leaving on a Tuesday or a Saturday are also cheaper. The day is not the only thing that affects how much you will pay for a ticket, however; time is also a factor. The earliest flight of the day, usually between six and seven in the morning, is the least expensive time. If that's too early for you (you would need to arrive at the airport around 4am), flights that leave during lunch or supper are also cheaper. Time affects when you purchase the ticket, as well. Buying tickets on the weekends will give you the highest rates, even if you choose to fly on a cheap day. Instead, reserve your flight on a Tuesday, around 3pm Eastern Time. This is when the airlines post discounted fares--and by Thursday, they're gone.


When your destination is Hawaii, Tuesdays and Wednesdays will still be the cheapest day to fly. Most tourists travel on the weekends, so middle-of-the-week travel will offer the best deals for you and your traveling companions. When you do fly with another person, or with a group, a good tip to remember is to purchase your tickets separately. When you buy more than one together, the tickets will all be at the same, higher price. Purchased separately, you will receive better deals--though they may be at different costs. Flying from a coastal city, such as Los Angeles or San Francisco, will also save you money. It is almost always a better deal for you to buy two tickets--one to the coastal city and one to Hawaii--than to buy a direct ticket to Hawaii.

New York

Since New York is often a destination for business people, week days are going to be both the busiest and the most expensive times to reserve a ticket. Weekends are the cheapest time for you to fly; specifically, Saturdays are the cheapest day to fly to New York.

This is also a popular city for tourists, however, so even some weekends will be expensive. To avoid this, travel at off-peak times. Winters in NYC are cold and windy, which make this the perfect time to find a deal. Christmas and Valentine's Day are busy times, but avoid those days and book your flight sometime between November and March. Be flexible with your travel dates. Airlines sites will often show you rates for the days surrounding your chosen travel date; check these to be certain you are finding the best deal.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations, so flights to it will naturally be more packed on the weekends. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the cheapest days to fly to this city. Some weeks there will be conventions held, and this will make the cost of airline tickets go up. Check when these dates might be. Another thing to keep in mind is if you book in advance, you will almost certainly find a cheaper reservation. Try searching thirty days before your intended travel dates.


As with most domestic travel, weekends will be the most expensive when traveling internationally. The days between Monday and Thursday are the cheapest time to fly out of the country. The day you fly is not the only factor that will decide how much you will pay for your ticket.

Book your flight far in advance--two to five months early. The price of international airfare increases the closer you get to the travel date. September through April is the low season for these flights, so book in this time for lower rates--but avoid the month of December. Additionally, connecting flights tend to be less expensive than direct flights are.